Recent news involving the AAA-ICDR Foundation

AAA-ICDR Foundation® Supports Domestic—and Global—Initiatives for Resolving Conflict and Strengthening Diversity/Equity/Inclusion
October 5, 2022

AAA-ICDR Foundation® Welcomes Applications for 2023 Grant Cycle
June 7, 2022

AAA-ICDR Foundation® Awards $740K+ in Grant Funding for Innovative Conflict Resolution Initiatives
April 7, 2022

AAA-ICDR Foundation® Provides Financial Support to Organizations Fighting the Rise in Violence & Conflict in the U.S.
February 11, 2022

AAA-ICDR Foundation® Establishes Rapid Response Fund Supporting Critical Programs to Combat Rising Anti-Asian Hate, Outside of Regular Grant Cycle
September 1, 2021

AAA-ICDR Foundation® Expects to Award $1 Million in Grants for 2022 Grant Cycle
July 6, 2021

AAA-ICDR Foundation® Responds to Need for Conflict Resolution Amid COVID-19 Pandemic & Racial Injustice
April 14, 2021

Listen to the recent podcast focused on the AAA-ICDR Foundation’s Diversity Scholarship Fund featuring AAA-ICDR Foundation Board Member and Grants Committee Chair, Hon. Bruce Meyerson (Ret.) and AAA-ICDR Foundation Corporate Secretary, Tracey Frisch speak with Susan Guthrie on The Learn to Mediate Online Podcast.
February 2021

Chief Administrative Judge Lawrence K. Marks and New York City Civil Court Administrative Judge Anthony Cannataro announced the upcoming launch in Manhattan’s Civil Court of an online dispute resolution (ODR) pilot program for eligible small claims matters. Funded by the State Justice Institute and AAA-ICDR Foundation, the new initiative is among the Court System’s statewide efforts to expand the use both of alternative dispute resolution and online technology to better meet the justice needs of New Yorkers amid the pandemic and beyond.
January 2021

AAA-ICDR Foundation issues Five Year Report highlighting key aspects of granting and fundraising since its inception in 2015
October 2020

AAA-ICDR Foundation® Awards Over Half a Million Dollars in Grants for 2020 Cycle, Funding Wide Range of Initiatives Supporting & Improving Dispute Resolution Processes
September 2, 2020 

AAA-ICDR Foundation® Announces Competitive Grant Process to Fund Innovative Projects to Reduce the Impact of the COVID-19 on the U.S. Justice System and Promote Dialogue Addressing Racial Injustice
June 22, 2020

AAA-ICDR Foundation® Grant Provides Funds for First-Ever Industry Report on Commercial Dispute Resolution in North America
February 27, 2020

The third episode of the podcast from the Harvard Negotiation and Mediation Clinical Program funded by the AAA-ICDR Foundation is now available: Rebuilding after crisis: Community conversations in Falcon Heights, Minnesota.
July 2019

The AAA-ICDR Foundation Awards More Than $475,000 In Annual Grants And Announces Focus Areas For 2020
June 27, 2019

The second episode of a new podcast titled Thanks for Listening, from the Harvard Negotiation and Mediation Clinical Program funded by the AAA-ICDR Foundation. This episode focuses on teenagers who are discovering how to engage with the skills that bridge divides at a time when they are still developing their identities and shaping the way they interact with the world.
May 2019

AAA-ICDR Foundation Grantee in the news - King County teens hold peers accountable through unique crime mediation program. 
March 2019 

AAA’s Dispute Resolution Journal Features AAA-ICDR Foundation Grantees
Uncovering and Addressing Mental Health Bias in Dispute Resolution: Some Observations
Introduction To The Divided Community Project
Strengthening Communities Project: Alleviating Tensions, Strengthening Relationships, and Making Silicon Valley Safer
Rochester’s Community Response Team
Orlando Speaks: How Does a “Crucial Conversations” Model Emerge?
February 2019

AAA-ICDR Foundation Supports D.U.C.K.S. and Prison of Peace – Greece project
January 2019

The first episode of a new podcast titled Thanks for Listening, from the Harvard Negotiation and Mediation Clinical Program funded by the AAA-ICDR Foundation.
November 2018

Innovative Women in ADR: AAA-ICDR Foundation Funded Programs Led by and for Women
November 2018

AAA-ICDR Foundation supported program Prison of Peace issues its 2018 Annual Report 
October 2018

AAA-ICDR Foundation Supports the COREJ Hackathon
October 2018

AAA-ICDR Foundation funding enabled Divided Community Project's Community Resiliency Initiative to develop five case studies which describe local dispute planning initiatives that address controversies and confrontations that divide communities.
September 2018

Elder Justice Initiative on Eldercaring Coordination 2018 Three Year Progress Report
August 2018

AAA-ICDR Foundation, Inc. Issues Nineteen Grants for Third Funding Cycle & Now Accepting Initial Descriptions of Grant Request for Fourth Funding Cycle: ADR for Communities and Vulnerable or Underserved Populations
May 18, 2018

AAA-ICDR Foundation, Inc. Now Accepting Initial Descriptions of Grant Proposals for Fall 2017 Funding Cycle and Special Initiative
September 7, 2017

AAA-ICDR Foundation, Inc. Issues Twelve Grants for Second Funding Cycle and Now Accepting Initial Descriptions of Grant Proposals for Third Funding Cycle
June 1, 2017

AAA-ICDR Foundation, Inc. Now Accepting Initial Descriptions of Grant Proposals for Second Funding Cycle
May 18, 2016

AAA-ICDR Foundation, Inc. Issues Seven Grants for Inaugural Funding Cycle
May 9, 2016

Newly Established AAA-ICDR Foundation, Inc. Now Accepting Grant Proposals
October 29, 2015